The Angband Ladder: Sophy, Human Possessor by <>

Posted on 21.6.2002 13:09

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3510. on the Ladder (of 18816)
922. on the ToME Ladder (of 3142)
Third best for this player (out of 7)


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On 21.6.2002 13:09 wrote:
Damn summoners in special levels.

This character killed a Star-spawn of Cthulhu in 1 round. :D
A real punisher with the weaps.


On 21.6.2002 13:12 wrote:
Oh yeah, she was a LostSoul too. I'm so proud.

On 21.6.2002 13:14 wrote:
I'm in a verbose mood...
72 attacks per round. Nice. Possess a Marilith in your next game! You won't regret it!

On 11.10.2002 06:48 wrote:
i dont get mariliths, i think my ancalagon is much better, if you tell me one good reason, then i will possess one marilith

On 19.11.2002 12:28 wrote:
so... can anyone explain what's so grat about Maritlith? Well, you can wear three weapons, but you're still attacking with just one of them, to-hit and to-damage bonuses of other two weapons don't apply either. (bug? or marilith wears them just to look good?) You can wear 2 more shields and 2 more gauntlets, but cannot wear armour, boots, light-source, missiles, monster... two more rings wont save this. Plus Marilith is SLOW, has NO magical abilities and few hitpoints... my previous body was Eol the dark elf but it was MUCH better. Thanx god, that it didn't rot away...

On 19.11.2002 15:44 wrote:
ok, i'm smarter now (; Maybe i'll become another Marilith fan.

On 23.11.2002 08:54 wrote:
lol mariliths are okay, but i screwed up with my skills so now i have no hitpoints when i possess one. So i say, FORGET you mariliths!! I'm keeping Ancalagon and DARKGOD! :-)

On 23.11.2002 09:43 wrote:
Well, Ancalagon has about 7-8x more Hp than marilith... But how to deal damage with him? Mine has ~ 45 minus 540 damage (if i got it right). I don't have ani skillpoints in barehanded combat, but i saw that nor do you- so whats the secret of attacking with Ancalagon??

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