The Angband Ladder: Gregory II, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 1.4.2004 02:43
Last updated on 10.4.2004 03:26

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8916. on the Ladder (of 18817)
3706. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
9. for this player (out of 60)


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On 1.4.2004 02:43 wrote:
I haven't been playing in a while, and I'm kind of rusty, so I've been taking this character slowly. I'm posting him now, because he finally seems to be going somewhere. He just found a Lesser Vault on level 32 and realized to his dismay that he didn't have a digger or a source of stone-to-mud. Luckily, he managed to crack the vault with a few Earthquakes, and found the Defender Warhammer. Now he can start statgain for real (though he's already bought a number of stat potions from the Black Market).

May Gregory the First be avenged!

On 3.4.2004 07:12 wrote:
I just trashed my first Greater Vault. Killed my first Ancient Dragons (Red, Blue, and Bronze) and found Thranduil, the bow, and several stat potions.

On 8.4.2004 08:32 wrote:
Statgain is almost done, found another prayerbook, found some nice artifacts I'll probably sell and...check out the axe!

On 10.4.2004 03:26 wrote:
Well, Gregory's stats are maxed, he's got great equipment, and I'm getting a good grip on the effective strategies at this depth (which I haven't had much experience with). He is decidedly my most kickass character to date. All he needs now is Poison Resistance and he can dive again.

On 30.5.2005 10:01 wrote:

I can't remember what happened to this character. He must have died, or been accidently deleted. Bummer.