The Angband Ladder: Firebolt III, Kobold Mage by <>

Posted on 20.3.2004 04:31
Last updated on 18.6.2004 02:04

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On 31.3.2004 02:47 wrote:
Not the greatest kit; but, the character is starting to show promise.

On 13.4.2004 15:59 wrote:
If you were to swap to Thorin you could also swap out the +6 =oCon for the =oSpeed and still have 18/200 Con. All you would lose is resNeth which is overrated anyway. Plus you would gain resSound and resChaos. Both of which I would rather have over nether resist.

On 14.4.2004 04:48 wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. The swap only leaves me with 18/180; but, the increase in speed should make up for the lost HP. I will have to start toting more Restore Life potions to make of for the loss of nether.

On 19.4.2004 17:55 wrote:
Too bad you don't have another source of confusion resist. An "oMagi or cloak of Aman with conf resist would really help you out.

On 20.4.2004 00:02 wrote:
I got mauled by some Time Hounds. It is a sad commentary that I have gotten to dl 2600', and the best cloak I have found was one of stealth.

On 25.4.2004 00:50 wrote:
I am having a difficult time at my current level even though I have every resist except nether and blindness. It seems that everything I fight resists my enchanted ammo so the bow does very little damage. I will stay at this level until I advance a level or two.

On 25.4.2004 03:18 neo@nowhere.invalid wrote:
You really, really need to cover blindness resist at that depth! It will probably also help when you find another spellbook...

On 26.4.2004 00:02 wrote:
I don't find the lack of RoBlindness being that much of a handicap since I have ESP along with RoLight and RoDark. Blindness doesn't effect the missle weapon or fighting. If I need to cast a spell to get out of there, I can just cure it with a potion or mushroom. I find the lack of RoNether more of a problem. Nether attacks do some serious damage.

On 26.4.2004 23:23 neo@nowhere.invalid wrote:
Problem being, if you get blinded it will take you 2 rounds to try to escape: one to unblind yourself and another to teleport or whatever. And of course before you get the chance to teleport, you might be dead, or at least blinded again. At least carry a staff of teleportation.

On 27.4.2004 04:17 wrote:
Finally made level 50! I need to find some way to do more damage. Uniques are giving me fits because they resist all the elements. Although I could go toe-to-toe for awhile (except the ones that have disenchant), it uses up too many precious Health potions.

On 27.4.2004 04:27 wrote:
RE: Blindness
I am careful when I am blinded. I can usually determine if I am going to be able to take the monster or not long before I get into serious HP trouble because of my high (for a mage) HP and all the resistances are covered except nether. And, if I do get in trouble, I can always pop a PoHealth to cure the blindness and give me more HP at one swoop. It involves some risk; but, I think it would be risker to give up ESP or one of the major resists in order to get Roblindness.

RE; SoTelport: I usually do carry them when I find them. but, I end up ditching them when I need the slot for artifacts, etc. Since I usually save in town, I had ditched it for the needed slot.

On 16.5.2004 02:13 wrote:
My best Angband character yet! Hopefully, I can keep this one alive long enough to actually win.

On 31.5.2004 19:39 wrote:
I rearranged my kit so that I now have resistances for everything; and I have immuntities to acid, fire, and lighting. It reduced my unhasted speed from 27 to 21 and my melee damage has dropped. I will play with this arrangement for awhile to see how it works.

On 18.6.2004 02:04 wrote:
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I was trying to conserve the heal spells since there were several occasions where I ran out of them. I tended to wait to the "last minute" before using them. That, coupled with the fact that I didn't notice that I lost my temp cold resistance, resulted in YASD. Penny wise and pound foolish.

So close, yet so far. Hopefully, my next one will actually make it all the way.

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