The Angband Ladder: Mhirak, Orc Demonologist by <>

Posted on 17.3.2004 19:58
Last updated on 17.3.2004 23:55

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On 17.3.2004 19:58 wrote:
Lucked out, found Belangil early, which outclassed my plain old Demonblade, even at the cost of Demonologist magic.

On 17.3.2004 23:55 wrote:
After a few hours of solid play, and a few close calls (one a small level with 18 young red dragons; the other stumbling into a jelly/mimic lair with Greater Mimics present), and losing my WoR scrolls near the Heart of the World and having to trek all the way back out of Mirkwood.

The Demonhorn isn't nearly as potent a helm as some other items I could use, but the ability to summon a lvl 63 minor demon is worth it. A few more levels in Demonology, and I'll be summoning major demons!

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