The Angband Ladder: Agraledfrid, Thunderlord Monk by <>

Posted on 29.2.2004 17:23
Last updated on 6.3.2004 23:33

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On 29.2.2004 17:23 wrote:
I'd do things a bit differently, I think, if I did this again, but this isn't turning out too bad...

On 29.2.2004 20:35 wrote:
reposted with minor improvements

On 2.3.2004 04:49 wrote:
boots have climbing, though that doesn't show up as Climbing, for some reason. Wearing too much eq, but need the resistances. Still looking for something decent with resist poison.

On 6.3.2004 23:31 wrote:
self knowledge indicates unlucky... hmm... if anyone wants to give me advice, please do so -- I've never played a character at this level before.

On 7.3.2004 02:37 wrote:
Never mind, I discovered that you can get knocked out by water hounds...

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