The Angband Ladder: Arawan, Dunadan Assassin by <>

Posted on 19.2.2004 22:19
Last updated on 23.2.2004 17:33

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On 19.2.2004 22:19 wrote:
Of the characters that I've had make to this stage of the game, Arawan is definitely the crappiest. Of course, the prior holder of that title is my current anti-magic archer DeadZone, who became my first character ever to make it to level 50, so who knows?

Admittedly, he's been very durable so far. His defensive item finds have been extraordinary and he had all resists covered by level 28 or 29.

When you're playing with 98 random quests, sticking to the main dungeons results in MUCH faster level gain.

On 20.2.2004 20:59 wrote:
Hmm. Reality and perception are out of synch with each other. I still perceive that he sucks, and he has basically the same equipment as before, yet he just handled princess quests for Drolems and Death Drakes (and knocked of Smaug along the way) while barely breaking a sweat. The undead beholders coming up next should be a good test.

Found a greater vault in the Lost Forest. Had to stop clearing when I got to the skull druj, but Arawan still managed to haul out to 10 artifacts, which turned out to be 10 of the lamest artifacts I've ever seen. A cloak with +1 stealth, resist fire and resist fear. Ok, that would have been cool in the Barrow Downs, but that dude had a demi-lich sitting on it (thank you, mass genocide!).

On 23.2.2004 17:33 wrote:
After spending a level slapping around some draconic Quylthulgs and their summons, and then killing the half dozen ancient dragons plus Scatha and Itangask a greater draconic Q summoned, I started thinking that maybe Arawan really was All That (and a bag of chips).

Horrible timing on that decision as 30 seconds later when I come upon a Wyrm of Balance, I decide to try and take it on rather than flee screaming. I got it down to *****, but it summoned and I just couldn't get away.

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