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Posted on 9.2.2004 03:10

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On 9.2.2004 03:10 wrote:

First winner I've ever had, in any Angband variant. Second Rohanknight Demonologist I've run (the first Corwin ran into technically difficulties.)

In any case, this character has been very lucky with dungeon towns (9 total towns, with no less than 4 Speed ring stores, 4 blackmarkets, and 5 Jewelry stores), which has made for fun in between shopping trips (hence the 100% off on the two rings I'm wearing...)

Of course, I feel a little bad using the +10 ring, but I'll take what the RNG is willing to give me.

Now the question is, if and how to take on the Void... Been playing this character like a fighter, using Divine Aim, Adrenalin Channeling, and Demon Blade to boost damage and to-hit, but I'm guessing the Void is going to require a change in tactics.

On 9.2.2004 17:24 wrote:
HI! I was just wondering where you got your name from. I know that sounds like a stupid question, but i was just wondering. Thank you!

On 9.2.2004 23:55 wrote:
If you're refering to the e-mail account, well, Hiruma is a family name in a CCG (collectible card game) and RPG called Legend of the Five Rings, which I have played on and off for the past several years. Joe is my given name.

If you're refering to the name of the character, Daemon is simply an old spelling of Demon.

Hope one of the above answers your question.

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