The Angband Ladder: Arda-Brown Istar, Demigod Beastmaster by ShadowTechnology

Posted on 23.8.2023 22:27

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On 23.8.2023 22:27 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Radagast the Brown was one of the five known Istari (Wizards) sent by the Valar of Valinor to Middle Earth, for the purpose of aiding the Elves and Men of Middle Earth in their struggles with Sauron. Like the other Istari, he was a Maia in the service of one of the Valar. He was know as Aiwendil ("Bird Friend") and followed Yavanna Kementari (Queen of the Earth). As such, he probably assisted in the creation of many species of birds and beast in Middle Earth under the light of the Two Lamps of the Valar, before the return of Melkor and the founding of Valinor, and long before the awakening of the Firstborn.
Like the other Istari, Aiwendil agreed to assume the form of a functional biological body resembling an elderly man. Although immortal (like elves) the body needs to eat, drink, and sleep. It can be slain. The choice of an elderly man was probably to portray a sense of wisdom rather than strength, and likely to blunt the libido to eliminate the establishment of an hereditary dynasty (think Melian and Thingol, and the many lords and kings of Elves and Men they sired). Although Radagast the Brown was considered a useless Fool by Saruman, and generally assumed to have lost sight of his mission to aid elves and men, he did contribute to the downfall of Sauron. He discovered the presence of a dark power that had inhabited Dol Guldur that was corrupting Greenwood the Great (later known as Mirkwood) and notified the White Council. The Necromancer of Dol Guldur was later revealed to be Sauron. Radagast would also have been in regular contact with the Great Eagles of Manwe who dwelt in the nearby Misty Mountains, and arrange their rescue of Gandalf when he was imprisoned in the tower of Orthanc. He may also have sent the Eagles to the rescue to Frodo and Sam from the slopes of Mt. Doom, and perhaps, much earlier, to the Battle of Five Armies.
Within the game, the choice of a Beastmaster as a wizard seems a little odd, but in this case it works. The ability to tame and harness the abilities of birds and beast is the essence of Radagast's special powers. The ability to ride and fight from a variety of wild animals and monsters is a very important part of playing the Beastmaster class, and this is much easier to manage using capture balls. So I made an exception to one of my rules for these "Arda" characters, namely that Pokemon-type capture balls don't exist in Arda. I figure if anyone in Middle Earth in the 3rd Age has the power to capture a large beast in a small container, carry it around, and release it at will, it's the Maia Aiwendil, follower of Yavanna!

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