The Angband Ladder: Sheam, Dark-Elf Sorceror by <>

Posted on 30.1.2004 06:23
Last updated on 29.12.2005 08:03

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Most ironic relic quest timing ever.
Line of sight fireflashing Morgoth to death.


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On 30.1.2004 06:23 wrote:
Level 18, Downs cleared, see spoiler forum at the ToME site for details

On 28.12.2005 01:49 wrote:
I'm in a bit of a bind here... Level 37, with the One, AND a Cloak of Air. No idea whether or not to go for the Good, Ultra-Good, or a low-level Bad ending...

On 28.12.2005 03:34 wrote:
Wow. Almost exactly 23 months between posts of the same character. That's probably a record.

In answer to your question, I'd say do whatever seems like the most fun.

How many times have you won each of the various times?

On 28.12.2005 05:29 wrote:
Actually this character is three days old - it just overwrote an older dump that I didn't even know existed.

I've 'won' (Save-scumming) the good ending once, and came close a few times, but I'm hoping that this'll be my first legit winner.

Or, I could obviously meet a grizzly end to a nether breath eh?

On 28.12.2005 05:36 wrote:
I guess I should rephrase my question:

"Is it possible for a 560 hp (Max CON gives me 392, and I guess I could find some sort of +40% armour from scumming Erebor vaults) Ssorceror to off Sauron, Melkor, and co when wielding the One"?

By that, I don't mean "Luck withstanding."

Keeping in mind the fact that my list of Living Uniques AKA Nasty Bosses That The Pair can summon stretches to the sky.

On 28.12.2005 17:38 wrote:
Well, sure. Anything is possible.

I mean, I would try to go toe-to-toe with them or anything, but there's always a way.

For example, one I haven't tried btut have heard of and should work is: you can create warp gates and cast big blast radius fireflashes, right? If you find Sauron and then Morgoth on levels with a big vault with indestructible walls, and you are sufficiently fast and sneaky, you can use warp gates and Line-of-sight tricks to keep hitting them with your fireflashes without letting them get Line of Sight on you. Without direct line of sight, they won't cast attack spells on summon on you. Sauron will try to escape when he's badly injured, so you'll have to hunt him down.

Plan on bringing lots of potions of restore mana.

Another trick that I've heard of is to buy/find the best bow/crossbow/sling you can find, get Archery up to 10 and buy ammo creation. Then create ammo like there is no tomorrow (sling ammo is probably best for this) until you have accumulated several hundred rounds of ammo that explode for "force" damage (this could take a while). Find your target and Enlighten the level so you have the longest possible Line of Sight. Lure Sauron/Morgoth in, and the second they enter your LoS, hit them with the exploding ammo. It'll do a little damage and push them back out of LoS so they can't attack you. Even if you miss, the ammo will still explode and should still push them out of LoS. Repeat several hundred times until they die. Depending on the ammo, launcher and how often you actually hit them, it could well take 200-300+ times for Sauron and 500+ for Morogth.

On 28.12.2005 22:00 wrote:
Updated the dump (Post-Erebor scumming).

Now, to prepare for the battles.

On 28.12.2005 22:03 wrote:
Well, that is, after I find a +40% hralth armour piece.

Thanks for the advice with the void gates - I think I'll try that.

On 29.12.2005 00:15 wrote:
Grow Trees is also useful. Sauron doesn't even fly. You can let Morg tunnel in, blink yourself out, and blast him using LOS tricks as he tunnels out.

For an ultra-cheap win, if you can create a dunna hrassa pit in a vault, and get Morg or Sauron on the other side, you can blast the pit with a Fireflash and they'll die without ever being able to attack.

On 29.12.2005 06:56 wrote:
I didn't realise that the One sapped your health, but I bit the bullet anyways... And am now cruising around Angband -5100' with a pretty 272 hp. Fun stuff.

Just offed Sauron by using Strike to push him out of my LOS, and the suggested Fireflash. With +68 speed when hasted, I could typically get two turns on his one.

The trip to him was... Painful. I believe I've managed a step on an undetected stairwell... Which resulted in 6 very painful bolts bringing my 272 hp to -13. Undead form kicked in, and luckly:

A) The room I was in was full of pihrannas.

B) Some Elven Rangers in a vault were slaughtering worms.

Let's just say that I won't be repeating *that* again.

On 29.12.2005 08:03 wrote:
Wooohoo! Melkor went down like a sack of potatoes - see attached screenshots for an ironic (bug?), and the vault in which the 'heroic' battle took place.

Took roughly 5 mana pools of Fireflashes and Strikes to do the guy in. Who's the boss now, eh?

(Kit is unchanged from the fight, with the exception of the Iron Crown. I'll just say that I never want to try to sneak through Angband with 270 HPs ever again.)

On 29.12.2005 14:38 wrote:
Could this possbily be the lowest max-hitpoint winner in TOME?

On 29.12.2005 15:49 wrote:
Very nicely done! You're one of the 2 or 3 lowest level winners ever and that final Relic Quest request was indeed probably the most amusing ever.

Darn low HP, though not actually the lowest. The lowest HP winner was a One Ring wearing Sorcerer that Neil won with a while back (which was also the character who won in a single (real) day - 8.5 hours of real life time). Apparently if you wear the One Ring, every time you die, you lose half your Max HP. His win was why I thought yours would be possible, though your tactics varied a bit from his.

On 29.12.2005 15:50 wrote:
Oh, and, of course, I "borrowed" my first combat suggestion from his tactics.

On 29.12.2005 15:59 wrote:
Just checked: you're the 2nd lowest level winner ever (behind Thaum, a level 36 thunderlord warper, and tied with Precocious Boy, a level 38 high elf thaumaturgist but you had significantly less exp so you win the tiebreaker). However, you had less exp than either of them, making you the leader in that category by ~500k exp.

Additionally, both of those characters were engineered from birth to be low level winners, so the fact that you decided to try it on a whim part way through and still managed to match or beat them, is pretty darn impressive.

On 29.12.2005 19:57 wrote:
It was the lucky Shelob drop more then anything. Thaum had to kill all the side bosses, and Sauron twice, while you went through Mt.Doom, seeing as how you didn't wield the One, which moved your exp totals up.

On 29.12.2005 21:49 wrote:
Deny it all you like, but its still darn impressive. Oh, and I did indeed wear the One Ring. The lowest level winner who didn't wear the One Ring is clevel 42 or so.

I went to Mt Doom pre-emptively to see if Sauron was there (pre-2.2.7 or so, Mt Doom's summit was frozen in place once you saw it. So if you went there, and no Sauron was there, you didn't ever have to worry about him spawning there later).

On 30.12.2005 06:03 wrote:
Ah, I see, I see.

In Niel's dump, I've noticed that he said that the One prevents you from dieing - does it function the same as Undead form?

Does that mean that I didn't have to put those points into Necromancy for it? (Seeing as how I've done so after I decided to wield the thing)

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