The Angband Ladder: Soeg, Yeek Sorceror by Yottle

Posted on 30.7.2023 05:32

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On 30.7.2023 05:32 Yottle wrote:
Long ago I played a yeek hermit sorceror and it took me months to win. Ths one took a couple of days.
The combination of sorcery and thaumaturgy worked out very well. I got a high level area/water spell that could kill almost anything in two turns. It also converted all the area into deep water, so most monsters couldn't move.

On 30.7.2023 05:37 Estie wrote:
Thats something I havent done yet - my sorcerors all relied on mana bolt + hellfire aoe.

I have been playing more with "always unusual rooms" and it shortens the game significantly - much easier to get money and your kit. FF is overrated.

On 30.7.2023 13:02 Yottle wrote:
I almost always use unusual rooms with sorcerors. They have more skill points than they need and don't benefit much from additional skills. For a really fast win I go with lost soul deathmold sorceror and unusual rooms.
Most fighter types are different. They often need complementary skills and run out of points.

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