The Angband Ladder: Teluin, Dwarf Priest by knaveightt

Posted on 1.7.2023 00:40
Last updated on 5.7.2023 22:49

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17057. on the Ladder (of 18813)
1086. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
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On 1.7.2023 00:40 knaveightt wrote:
Logging my first character in a couple years! Playing an evil Dwarven priest in FrogComposband 7.1. Bout to try and clear the warrens to start off.

On 3.7.2023 20:02 knaveightt wrote:
Completed the warrens and bought a wand of frost bolt. Tackling the stronghold next to keep leveling up a bit before traveling elsewhere

On 5.7.2023 22:49 knaveightt wrote:
By stronghold I meant hideout - slowly making some progress and purchased a couple magical devices to help me on my way

On 5.7.2023 22:53 knaveightt wrote:
Maybe worth mentioning that I picked up the 'Ring of Yogurt' as I progressed through Hideout. Can't help to think its a Spaceballs reference(?) (fantastic movie). I'm living with the penalty to Dex/Elec Resistance for the added Speed, knowing that Nether/Nexus resist doesn't help me quite at the moment, so we'll see how things transpire.

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