The Angband Ladder: Minwe V, Gnome Rogue by Gelina

Posted on 20.9.2022 15:29

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6707. on the Ladder (of 18817)
2894. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
13. for this player (out of 16)


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On 20.9.2022 15:29 Gelina wrote:
A fairly straightforward win this time, and only my 2nd win in under 100,000 turns. I do like this Gnome/Rogue combo, but no idea how to get down under 50,000 turns like the 'pros' manage?!

I did luck out with a good artefact bow quite early on as well as a +4 Ring of Speed, and late-on found my best ever Ring of Speed.

I didn't have great resistance coverage this game: no sound/shards/nexus/dark/disenchantment most of the time, but got away with it.

On 20.9.2022 15:35 Gelina wrote:
Also my first attempt at winning without first getting to player level 50. Those levels 45-50 take a LOT of turns even concentrating on monsters with XP in the tens of thousands.

On 21.9.2022 00:27 malcontent wrote:
Nice job!

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