The Angband Ladder: Talir, DeathMold Possessor by <>

Posted on 22.1.2004 09:52
Last updated on 22.1.2004 17:19

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On 22.1.2004 09:52 wrote:
My second TOME Winner in 2 weeks :):):)
Its starting to get boring...
First a warrior, after finding a Marilith totem a summoner...
Im, going to the Void now!!!!

On 22.1.2004 12:35 wrote:
Nobody forces you to only use cheesy/experimental combos..

On 22.1.2004 15:38 wrote:
Well my first win was a petty-dwarf sorceror and the "boring" thing was only a joke :)
TOME is ADDICTIVE and its a great game it CANT be boring:)

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