The Angband Ladder: GnomeBiscuit, Gnome Mage by AceRimmer

Posted on 12.7.2022 20:03

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On 12.7.2022 20:18 AceRimmer wrote:
Finally won with a gnome mage. 3.0.9b

In the end... kind of disappointing. I have found that the real challenge is to survive below 2000', and I had killed many a gnome in the attempt! (Hence the character's name).

This time, I did something I do not usually like to do: I camped out in stat gain levels. Around 1850'. Pretty soon, I was never really in danger, and I quietly amassed stats.

Then I dived until I found Mordenkainen. Then I plummeted to 4950'. Even after diving, the ability LoS abuse is so powerful as to make the game very easy.

I killed almost every unique by luring them into a series of LoS traps where I didn't even need to bother with runes of protection. It was just a repetition of magic missiles and phase doors with the occasional chaos strike for style. All 100% safe (barring bad keystrokes). Yeah, magic missiles. That way, you don't waste your sources of restore mana.

It was a boring way to win. I am sure I could play a more dynamic game, but after all my earlier failures, I didn't want to risk the character to insta-death. After all, gnomes are still just tea biscuits to heavy breathers.

Those are, in my experience (or play style), the keys to winning with a gnome mage in 3.0.9b:
- Mordenkainen
- INT to 0% fail
- LoS abuse
- Telepathy and Speed (as usual)
Honestly, not much else is needed.

I can't say I ever found a oh-god-wow item, but the gear by the end was good enough to ignore PDSM. And I never needed to wield some of the nice monster-slicers I found. I was always preferencing speed, STR, and CON.

I did learn that wands and staves are very powerful in the hands of a mage. The ease of recharging makes them very useful as ways to save mana.

In the future, I think I'll go back to heavy melee.

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