The Angband Ladder: BoNogs, Android Devicemaster by Thraalbee

Posted on 18.6.2022 12:58
Last updated on 1.7.2022 16:11

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3717. on the Ladder (of 18817)
352. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
17. for this player (out of 131)


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On 18.6.2022 12:58 Thraalbee wrote:
Thrall android devicemaster on dry land. A *lot* of promising attempts failed before this one. Tried rods for a while, briefly scrolls and wands but then kept to staves which is much easier although less likely to end up with an early recall. Once I had _destruct, _genocide and finally _teleport I was ready to go home.

On 19.6.2022 16:56 Thraalbee wrote:
I tried transferring Dispel Demons to the power=100 teleport staff. Ehh... dam 650 seems, eh, decent :)

On 21.6.2022 18:18 Thraalbee wrote:
I've got some mighty staves indeed.

On 27.6.2022 22:00 Thraalbee wrote:
At this point, staff mastery is extremely powerful. Having the immunities makes them safe too. Should probably just go do the big J fight now but it's been fun removing big guys from the possible list of summons so I don't know. We'll see.

Oh, I forgot I have gloves to add 10% to device power, swapped them out for something but I probably want them back now

On 29.6.2022 18:34 Thraalbee wrote:
First character where I don't bother bring healing pots or ?phase/tele.
Only thing I'm not entirely happy with is trading *Electric for the final 2 character levels with another 5% staff power

On 29.6.2022 18:36 Thraalbee wrote:
Oh, I forgot about the +10% power gloves -- I can do better when it comes to damage :)

On 30.6.2022 12:33 Thraalbee wrote:
All quests - check
Arena GWOP - check
Oberon - check
Serpent of chaos - 2do

On 30.6.2022 15:42 Thraalbee wrote:
Winner! First one in a long time. Also my first Thrall winner.
I never had such an easy fight against the serpent although I was at risk a few times. Hight speed and reduced energy for using a staff kept me alive.

On 1.7.2022 14:18 Thraalbee wrote:
And Hell & Heaven completed too. I was fortunate to find a magic shop early in hell and able to upgrade all staves to power 100 and mostly egos. That sure helps _confusing lights and _destruction, and damage is just so much better with high quality staves.

The resurrection machine is a beast! Took a while and I lost a _Manastorm of Power (dam 920) due to a stupid equipment swap, but fortunately I had two, and eventually it went down.

On 1.7.2022 16:13 Thraalbee wrote:
Final action was to clear out Mt Olympus. Five rare, permacursed items is a nice touch but I was already good by then.

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