The Angband Ladder: Ecth, High-Elf Blackguard by alexander

Posted on 24.12.2021 22:22

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On 24.12.2021 22:22 alexander wrote:
First time beating the game. Wow. Blackguard is amazing. With full buffs this character does 1400+ per turn. The most difficult enemy I faced was the Tarrasque, because I didn't have any damage bonuses. Morgoth was comparatively easy, though I went through all my consumables (3 Healing, 8 *healing*, 3 life, 5 healing rods). Every time he summoned I did ban or mBan. I had 8 ban and 8 mBan by the time I got to him. I also used one or two rods of TPO. Very fun and plan to run again soon :)

On 24.12.2021 22:26 alexander wrote:
* 1400+ per turn to undead, dragons, demons, trolls, orcs, and creatures not resistant to poison. :)

On 29.12.2021 02:20 malcontent wrote:
I was curious how you got up to 7 blows/turn?

Blackguard has max of 5 blows/turn, Werewolf adds +1 blows. I don't see any wielded equipment that adds any blows.

Regardless, I'm envious - in my recent Blackguard I win never found such a nice weapon :(

Cheers! and well done!

On 29.12.2021 21:09 alexander wrote:
@malcontent thanks for your comment.

With the higher stages of bloodlust, you get an extra blow per turn. The key resists for blackguard are pFear and rChaos. Early on I had to use bows/throws/wands because of a lack of pFear, and after unlocking bloodlust I had about 10 dungeon levels without any rChaos, so I was constantly hallucinating.

This character dump was taken with bloodlust active, FYI.

On 29.12.2021 23:05 malcontent wrote:
Hmmm, this has me wondering and wishing I had tried a few things...

Can one cast Bloodlust, then cast Werewolf, and eventually get as high as 8 blows/turn? Wait, that is what you did, I think - because I can see the "*" for "Moves", so you had both Werewolf and Bloodlust active for the dump, correct?

At one point I was wondering if one could cast Berserk Strength, then cast Werewolf, and essentially get Berserk Strength x 2? I suspect not.

Thanks for the reply :) Now I want to try again with a Blackguard...

On 30.12.2021 00:01 alexander wrote:
Hmm I would need to try again, but I believe this dump was with werewolf, berserk, and bloodlust (but not max bloodlust) active. I am not sure how much of an effect berserk had on boosting damage.

My go-to setup would be, zap a speed rod, berserk, bloodlust, werewolf. After some fodder to get to max bloodlust I could 4 shot ring wraiths and great wyrms :)

I have had many issues getting through early/mid game with blackguard though. Many deaths around CL 30-40 due to bad drops (and obviously poor planning). This run was very lucky in that I got some really good artifacts in the 20's. Then I got an extremely lucky vault at DL63, where each enemy was in their own 1x1 box. By doing the above setup, I killed about 10 uniques on that level alone (including witch king!).

On 30.12.2021 00:06 malcontent wrote:
Alright, very cool, thanks for the responses!

I think I will try again, especially now that my latest diving High-elf Rogue has been terminated by an Ogre-Mage (bad playing on my part) :)

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