The Angband Ladder: Hoof Hearted, Dwarf Priest by <>

Posted on 14.1.2004 22:20
Last updated on 7.2.2004 14:41

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9534. on the Ladder (of 18813)
3915. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 14.1.2004 22:20 wrote:
Going well, nearly had a bad moment with Lorgan, Boern, Gravity Hounds, Inertia Houds, Ibun (not too bad), and a few other nasties in a round vault (Dlev 33). RBlind and RConf, down o 1% fail on most spells.

Finally found Ethreal Openings in the round vault. Yeah, I finally have cheap "Blink"!. That's what enabled me to Orb Boern and Lorgan.

Now looking for speed, poison or Con to fill one of the ring slots.

On 17.1.2004 11:30 wrote:
Still alive (somehow).

I've recently found sold some *thancs, but have Calris, Rohrrim, which are both great end game weapons (should I get so far). However, at the moment, I'm really only covering basics and Invisible and Free Action. Thalkettoth is gone the moment I can get even a tiny speed boost from something else.

I'm also at 0% fail on spells, RBlind and RConf, so I have most of what I need. RSound would be nice, but nowhere near as important as some RPoison and more Con.

Looking for to ditch the Rings, but nothing bigger than +3 of anything (except Intelligence) has turned up. Of course, bigger Amulet of Wisdom is being sought.

Can I ditch the Elvenkind, is seems to be just a less powerful Hithlomir?

Am I suicidally nuts or going along ok so far?

On 17.1.2004 11:35 wrote:
PS, I'm around DL 34 ~ 36. 36 is recall depth.

On 7.2.2004 14:39 wrote:
Too much speed, not enough Free Action.

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