The Angband Ladder: Crzayz, Half-Troll Weaponmaster by Thraalbee

Posted on 16.8.2021 22:44
Last updated on 24.8.2021 21:23

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1254. on the Ladder (of 18816)
95. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
4. for this player (out of 131)


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On 17.8.2021 18:13 Thraalbee wrote:
xp are so slow with this build. Roaming Angband 98 helps but not fast

On 18.8.2021 13:04 Thraalbee wrote:
My optimized setup for HP works out. Just passed 1000 hp at level 44.

Jormungand down (silly easy).
Oberon down (he put up a fight).

Reforge of Mom's Loving is a fail. Maybe with better archery rings.

On 19.8.2021 12:57 Thraalbee wrote:
LOL everytime I get a room full of demons and do Rapid fire Greater Many Shots Mithril Shots of Exploding

On 21.8.2021 12:27 Thraalbee wrote:
Polymorph spree was a disaster but now I've got the one ring so...

On 22.8.2021 11:15 Thraalbee wrote:
Strong end game!

On 22.8.2021 22:10 Thraalbee wrote:
Mt Olympus puts up a fight...

On 22.8.2021 22:48 Bucephalus wrote:
Dang, this is one stacked character. Heaven next? :D

The artificing on that PDSM is doing less than nothing for you, though.

On 23.8.2021 08:11 Thraalbee wrote:
You are right! A ?mundanity and ?crafting makes sense

On 24.8.2021 08:45 Thraalbee wrote:
Never fought the resurrection machine without an "[Sm so that's a first. Rekitted for devices so damage was a bit low but definitely enough.

On 24.8.2021 21:10 Thraalbee wrote:
Hell conquered too so not much action left for this gal.

On 24.8.2021 21:27 Thraalbee wrote:
I returned to Mt Olympus to kill the resurrected Zeus after clearing Hell. He dropped his amulet which took me from +4 to +5 devices on that slot while also adding+5 speed - that would have been great earlier on!

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