The Angband Ladder: Vaccy XII, Hydra Monster by Thraalbee

Posted on 21.7.2021 17:39
Last updated on 5.8.2021 10:52

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On 26.7.2021 13:10 Thraalbee wrote:
Recalling that monster centipede was a fun win I decided to go monster Hydra - decent melee and low xp req's. Smooth sailing all the way to the Oberon kill although that was expensive in terms of healing pots.

Without the two "Hell Harnesses with aggravation I still do 850 + 200 'ish fire melee which is how I've played until now.

On 28.7.2021 15:51 Thraalbee wrote:
Speed is the challenge when it comes to this build. Still, I managed to complete the Royal Crypt and clear the druj rooms. As always, quite some excitement followed by, at this point, useless loot.

On 30.7.2021 10:27 Thraalbee wrote:
No clear plan for J except killing potential J summons at Angband 99 for a while more.

On 30.7.2021 10:30 Thraalbee wrote:
What I like about the Hydra is strong melee plus great device skill. Also interesting to optimize the build. Low base damage but 11 attacks means you want +toDam on every slot. But you also want +Speed everywhere since boots and rings are out.

On 1.8.2021 13:06 Thraalbee wrote:
Found the =One Ring very close to Sauron who wore =Darnya. I guess the ring tricked him that morning and he put the wrong one on. Good for me. He gave a decent fight but died pretty quickly. The ring is useless of course, but still nice to find.

Reforges are mostly fails but Kronos is quite nice and Slayer works too.

I like the hydra more and more. Will do a summary when done.

For instance, being able to wear both "Anti summon and "Dragon Chip for less summons, less hostile magic and ignoring invulnerability is so nice. Angels and Kirin are easy and lesser foes like the Warp Demon guarding R'lyeh are easy. He failed everything (spells and summons) during my closing in and was soon bitten to death without hurting me at all.

On 5.8.2021 10:13 Thraalbee wrote:
Pretty long Serpent fight. I didn't bother to re-kit for more damage but in retrospect I should have. Still a very strong build.

On 5.8.2021 10:52 Thraalbee wrote:
Cleared the last two quests (Eric, Spawning) quickly after the win. They can be tough, but weren't this time.

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