The Angband Ladder: Lirriel, High-Elf Ranger by Estie

Posted on 14.6.2021 21:33

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1770. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 14.6.2021 21:33 Estie wrote:
Good luck with bows: started with me buying a longbow of power from the bm early on, which was replaced as main weapon with some randart melee weapon that did ~300 damage and ~500 vs undead until I found the x6 bow.

In the end, I searched forever till I eventually found some slay evil/holy might stacks in a vault. I even equipped all the + shot items I found (in favour of The One, in the case of rings!), but its not worth it for the tiny damage increase. A reduction in effectiveness by a factor of 10 is a nerf into the ground.

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