The Angband Ladder: Doliolir, Dunadan Blackguard by Pete Mack

Posted on 23.5.2021 21:33
Last updated on 4.6.2021 20:08

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4473. on the Ladder (of 18817)
1552. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
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On 23.5.2021 21:33 Pete Mack wrote:
life's way easier with 13 speed than with 7.

On 29.5.2021 23:57 Pete Mack wrote:
Just found a shield with +4CON, letting me rearrange my kit for max damage. (5.0 blows; ring of damage)
750 vs undead and poison susceptible monsters; 580 vs evil. I still need a few points of speed, and sDex would be nice.

On 2.6.2021 23:37 Pete Mack wrote:
With full buff-max bloodlust, venom, and Werewolf.

On 3.6.2021 04:40 Estie wrote:
Randart game: 3 out of 12 items are artifacts, the rest is ego items. You see the problem ?

On 4.6.2021 20:08 Pete Mack wrote:
First Blackguard win. Just get well into stat gain and you're home free.

On 4.6.2021 22:34 Estie wrote:
Congratulations. Have you come to like the play style ?

On 5.6.2021 16:13 Pete Mack wrote:
Not really. Just *look* at that bow. Having a crazy good stat stick in that slot let's me use a Ring of Damage. And PDSM frees up a lot of other slots. I surely didn't feel less powerful in this game than a standart game--and not just because of the Blackguard melee. I would likely be using many of those non-artifacts in any game.

And yes, the playstyle is a fun change. But it was a slog to get there. Maybe cut the min weight to 8lb?

On 5.6.2021 17:52 Estie wrote:
The problem I mean is not having random modifiers on items, but fixed ones which are predictable from the outset when you enter the dungeon on lvl 1. Speed will be on boots and rings (and nothing else), resists on the armor, ESP in the hat and maybe sometimes in the cloak of magi. I would like that to be more variable. Randarts, as they are, do a pretty bad job at it, but it has been enough for me to keep playing.

I am not sure what you are talking about when you mention the stat stick. Do you think it is too powerful ? If you dont want to allow anything thats better than the best ego items, then by definition you dont have random items in the best setup. And having 3 out of 12 items random is not what I am looking for. Surely its possible to do better than that ?

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