The Angband Ladder: Anortaan, Human Scout by Thraalbee

Posted on 2.4.2021 17:50

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On 2.4.2021 17:59 Thraalbee wrote:
Most entertaining Thrall escape yet. I killed a water vortex with my bow. Was rewarded a Pit Fiend as pet. That was nice since it happily killed for me. Drops were not great but got turned into useful stuff in the dungeon stores. Soon thereafter I had _teleport, -teleother, ?recall plus curing and healing. With the shopping completed I stayed a while to see what would happen.
I dad my pets kill a greater kraken and some other foes but eventually after completing the obliteration of Madame Debby with a single arrow I lost control and the Cyberdemon became hostile. Surprisingly it quickly killed my remaining Pit Fiend. Not a huge problem, I used my newly bought ?genocide to get rid of it without losing the loot on the ground. Getting home was easy enough between my stealth and _tele plus -tele.

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