The Angband Ladder: PolleSuoneen, Hobbit Rogue by Sphara

Posted on 23.1.2021 10:43
Last updated on 24.1.2021 15:15

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On 23.1.2021 10:46 Sphara wrote:
This is the kind of loot you get with legendary stealth and lots of teleOther. And a bit of luck ofc :)
Hope I don't screw this up.

On 23.1.2021 20:59 malcontent wrote:
Wow, amazing start! 3.0 speed with Cubragol in your hip pocket, pBlind and pConf.

Looks like you didn't buff up INT at the start. Curious about that. I feel like all the first book spells are incredibly useful for most stages of the game and I try to get myself to 15 at the start.

Hobbit Rogues are fun - have a blast - hope it all works out!

On 24.1.2021 07:11 Sphara wrote:
I thought I did put a point or two into INT. Not sure now.. I definitely took out some DEX at the start. Yeah, and low INT is a problem. I've been actually resting for mana in this game. In one 9-? vault, I needed A LOT of teleporting away and costly recharging spell just kept failing. INT took a hit several times when I risked with stat swap potions. I've even drunk couple of Potions of Toughness, knowing Hobbit Rogue does have a major HP issue towards the end.

When I return to play, I'll give up Hithlomir stealth for Caspanion (still gonna carry it unless I find a high stealth mouse ring).

On 24.1.2021 15:17 Sphara wrote:
Base resist missing... Oh boy. Played dumb anyway and would've died even with rCold.

On 24.1.2021 22:43 malcontent wrote:
Bummer, you even nabbed some ESP in the interim :(

Gonna try another hobbit rogue?....

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