The Angband Ladder: Mjolnir, High-Elf Blackguard by Capn_Carpaccio

Posted on 2.1.2021 15:10

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On 2.1.2021 15:18 Capn_Carpaccio wrote:
My first win. I really enjoy the blackguard ... thanks Pete!

On 2.1.2021 15:18 Capn_Carpaccio wrote:
My first win. I really enjoy the blackguard ... thanks Pete!

On 2.1.2021 18:07 Cuboideb wrote:

On 2.1.2021 19:04 malcontent wrote:
Congratulations! First wins are awesome. And with a Black Guard no less. I've never won with a Black Guard. That PDSM is crazy awesome!

On 2.1.2021 22:50 Capn_Carpaccio wrote:
Hey Thanks Cuboideb and Malcontent! When I saw the PDSM, my eyes totally bugged out! "of speed"! but in way, I'm glad I didn't find it until level 99, because a once-in-a-lifetime find (for me, anyway) like that, I wouldn't want it to be determinative of the win. What I actually think helped this guy (unlike the countless other of my attempts) is that crossbow Cubragol --the +10 speed, found on level 52, from a crossbow! After that, things went well. Blackguards benefit even more from speed than other classes, because the faster they are, the easier they can maintain the deepest level of BloodLust, which means they get even MORE blows per round... so the extra speed has that dual positive impact. (whereas I feel like some spellcasters aren't even helped all that much by speed because they just run out of SP faster... Blackguards GET MORE SP by killing more stuff, so speed leads to a virtuous cycle of more SP, deeper bloodlust, more blows per round, and then knock them back with the Forefull Blow!! Yay!

On 2.1.2021 23:08 Capn_Carpaccio wrote:
And the Glaive of Pain is particularly nice for a blackguard 'cause he has a spell to make it venomous. I kinda hate it when my blackgaurd finds a really good venomous weapon, like the Trident of Wrath, sort of "gosh darn it, I've already got a spell for that!" (but I still use the weapon... of course!)

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