The Angband Ladder: Picky X, Demigod Berserker by Sideways

Posted on 19.12.2020 23:00

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On 19.12.2020 23:00 Sideways wrote:
That was... close; which seems to be par for the course with instant-coffee speedruns. Earthquakes from a Hru destroyed much of Polyphemus's loot, and I had to abandon most of Pandemonium's loot (and escape to the relative safety of the Oberon level) because of Azriel and star blades. (Those little accidents were probably exactly the thing that saved me time compared to my previous runs, since I had to keep progressing and going deeper instead of wasting time sorting out the loot.)

I was fainting from hunger at the end, I'm not sure I'd have lived if J hadn't died first. Just barely got enough hits in :)

I'll let this time stand, I don't really have the endurance to speedrun regularly.

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