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Posted on 2.1.2004 19:30

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On 2.1.2004 19:30 baumog<> wrote:
Paralyzed!? I swear I had free action. I had trouble with some Undead Beholders (quest) early in Mordor, so I leveled up elsewhere. When I came back, I killed two of 'em before paralyzed and beaten into pulp by their summoned monsters.

I'm getting a bit tired of playing melee-only characters. The further down I get, the more frustrating it is, Mordor especially. I made it down to lv70 in The Sacred Land of the Mountains fine, though. Different enemies, of course.

Heh. Met my first Ringwraith. I didn't look at it first, so I thought it was a normal wraith. "Black breath, what's that?" :P I went through hell afterwards trying to find some athelas...

Otherwise, new personal record in getting unique items! :)

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