The Angband Ladder: Ul, Dwarf Priest by sffp

Posted on 26.4.2020 20:45
Last updated on 27.4.2020 22:03

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9598. on the Ladder (of 18813)
3944. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
45. for this player (out of 98)


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On 26.4.2020 20:45 sffp wrote:
I know why I die all the time. I really want to go after Nan (and the lesser Balrog) but there's no way I'm ready.

On 27.4.2020 14:51 sffp wrote:
Feels like I'm carrying too much stuff.
I did learn something cool about Remove Curse. In the old game it was just used to be able to take something off (because all cursed items were bad bad bad. This cloak of stealth (+1 speed! ;) had two curses applied to it (no teleport and something else), but I removed them and now it's an excellent item

I do feel like I'm carrying too much

On 28.4.2020 13:44 caruso wrote:
I haven't played Angband for a while, but I think four copies of each town spellbook is enough. And Treasure detection is probably not so important anymore for a CL 35 character. Not sure about the many Rods and the Scrolls of Teleportation (in addition to the Staves), but apart from that, I would have brought the same items. Hope that helps you further :)

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