The Angband Ladder: Indon, Dunadan Blackguard by Philip

Posted on 18.1.2020 11:28

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13. on the Competition No.229 Ladder (of 30)


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On 18.1.2020 11:28 Philip wrote:
Wow, playing a Blackguard is really not fun. Worse Warrior definitely describes it well. Supposedly it gets better shortly after the point I died, but ultimately, every character is good with maxed stats. Thirst for Blood might be good, but if it's supposed to be the main character feature it should probably not steal your turn every now and then.

On 18.1.2020 17:06 Darin wrote:
Oh, there is supposed to be a useful spell? I've been spending the game not caring about spells or... Intelligence, is it, or encumbrance, because casting worthless spells doesn't help much when wearing light armor makes one hemorrhage health with impaired HP recovery. OK, I'm done whining.

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