The Angband Ladder: Nine, High-Elf Warrior by VeritasAequitas

Posted on 5.1.2020 21:29
Last updated on 18.1.2020 13:50

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6879. on the Ladder (of 18816)
2960. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
Second best for this player (out of 4)


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On 5.1.2020 21:31 VeritasAequitas wrote:
just raided a minor vault, picked up this sweet sweet artifact weapon. and a ring of speed +6, not a bad haul and a couple of un-IDd rods.

Lack of poison resist troubles me a bit, had to avoid some basilisk types, but once that sorted im gonna dive to dlvl40ish i think

On 5.1.2020 23:48 VeritasAequitas wrote:
found a couple more speed items.
encoutnered some nasties like saruman, balrogs and my first ringwraith. also, death drakes coming through the walls... getting a bit hairy

On 10.1.2020 20:57 VeritasAequitas wrote:
picked up some resist poison eventually and dived down to dlvl 60ish.
got very scared, lots of things here that i dont know what they do, lots of running.
finally got up the courage to take on some baddies who ive not ever fought before, like phoenix, balrog of moria, and shelob. speed potions helped lots
phoenix is super dangerous. balrog of moria is super dangerous
that is all :D

On 17.1.2020 21:26 VeritasAequitas wrote:
levelling up, getting some confidence to beat some uniques at this depth... until i met the mouth of sauron. holy crap... i think ill leave him till later.
found a second ring of speed +13.

Really frustrating thing is i want to swap out my amulet for trickery, but then i need to replace my cap with ESP cap from home. if i do this, i lose cap of seeing, which is my unly source of resistance to blindness. grrr.

On 17.1.2020 23:11 Pete Mack wrote:
Why do you value rBlind so much? It isn't that important, especially for a warrior.

On 18.1.2020 13:52 VeritasAequitas wrote:
clearing a vault carefully. get blinded. forced to use staff of teleport out, teleport straight into carcharoth, balrog of white fire, tarrasque, omarax and emperor qualythug :<

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