The Angband Ladder: BarthII, Human Paladin by bron

Posted on 13.12.2019 10:08
Last updated on 19.12.2019 21:52

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On 13.12.2019 10:08 bron wrote:
Barth the Second has been going quite slowly, but making steady progress. Equipment has been a bit thin, but what there is has been pretty good: I have only just recently found a good Holy Avenger whip, and a Brawn potion to kick the number of Blows up to 3, which has doubled the melee damage output. Himring is very nice, as are the gauntlets. I'd really like to get another source of Free Action so I could wield the Wormtongue boots, but nothing decent yet.

It took so long for me to get this far (DL30) that I have serious doubts about managing to finish the comp, even with the 3 day extension. But there might be just enough time, if I give up sleeping for the next few days.

On 17.12.2019 00:18 bron wrote:
It was a busy weekend, so I didn't make as much progress as I needed to.. Still, significant progress was made. Speed and Stats are up nicely. Barth is not equipped to go HTH with the big boys yet, but seems to be doing nicely in the middle depths.

On 17.12.2019 10:26 bron wrote:
Gradually pushing deeper. Found a crown of Serenity which could be really nice, but at the moment the trade-offs speak against it.

On 17.12.2019 19:40 bron wrote:
I just logged in to, and it appears to have decided to delete a great deal of progress. Somehow, Barth II is back on DL58 and CL38. I have no idea how this happened.

On 18.12.2019 02:47 bron wrote:
I'm told that did indeed crash and files restored from backup. Annoying perhaps, but given that, I'm surprised and grateful that the backup was so recent, and so quickly restored.

Barth the Younger has now passed the grave of his predecessor, and is forging ahead. The lack of Confusion protection is on on-going concern. I found a replacement Crown of Serenity, but, just like before, I have to give up too much other stuff (Speed and/or Con) to wield it. Ditto with the Trickery amulet. And I need a better melee weapon. And and and. It hasn't all come together yet, but neither is the equipment hopelessly mis-matched. Inventory pressure is critical.

On 18.12.2019 04:30 Darin wrote:
You got this! Just need some equipment upgrades. Go, go, go!

On 18.12.2019 23:47 bron wrote:
The equipment tangle is almost-but-not-quite sorted out. I am now able to wield Confusion protection, at the cost of a single point off max Con. I'm hoping to find a Lothlorien bow, since the +Dex should let Barth wield the HA Scythe of Slicing for the full 5 blows.

On 19.12.2019 09:28 bron wrote:
Found the Lothlorien bow I was looking for. If I'd know the RNG would be so accomodating I wouuld have asked for Belthronding. Barth has been laying waste to a number of uniques he'd been avoiding up to this point. Had a protracted battle with Cantoras which has left his experience deeply drained. It's a race to the end of the comp.

On 19.12.2019 20:03 bron wrote:
Now that I have a very powerful kit, I've been using Single Combat to eliminate various troublesome uniques. But it's time (way past time) to stop looking for a "perfect" set of gear. I can choose to engage Sauron and Morgoth in Single Combat, which obviates the need to get rid of the remaining uniques. It's a bit risky in that I can't run away if things go bad, but it seems like the best available option. Since I have to go hand-to-hand, I need the stat sustains, which presents a whole new set of troubles with the equipment. Fortunately, these can be solved by gearing up specifically to fight Morgoth, e.g. I don't need disenchantment protection.

On 19.12.2019 20:31 Sphara wrote:
Looks awesome. Go make it green, man! :)

I thought chasing you with an another offline character but it just lost all of it's TO source in less than 300 turns around DL:70 (from lightning and recharge backfires).

One question I have for you: You really carry rods of disable traps in this point of game? I mean you have TrapImm so this might be obvious mistake but I wouldn't carry those even if I did not have that intrinsic.

On 19.12.2019 21:05 bron wrote:
Sphara -the rods are a mistake I hadn't noticed.

On 19.12.2019 21:12 bron wrote:
Sauron is down. The fight was relatively easy, but it did have the effect of making me gun-shy about the effects of stunning. Morgoth hits to shatter, which involves earthquakes, which involves stunning. But I suspect that earthquakes are probably disallowed in the Single Combat arena. This can make a bug difference for this character since the only source of stun protection Barth has is the Crown of Serenity, which would weaken him noticeably. I think I'll need to try and gear up for both possibilities.

On 19.12.2019 21:52 bron wrote:
Victory! And a long hard road it was. Morgoth can indeed shatter and earthquake in the Single Combat arena, but it turned out that getting stunned as a result was pretty rare, so I was able to use the full offensive gear after all. Which was a good thing too, since I once again forgot about the effects of the new food rules: I had to quaff a lot of Healing potions, and ended up being 100% full and so at -10 off my max speed. But this was still above speed-30, so it was only really annoying, rather than fatal.

On 19.12.2019 22:24 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Congratulations! I don't know if I can finish in time, only 17 hours real time left, if my @ isn't otherwise "finished" before then.

On 19.12.2019 23:37 malcontent wrote:

On 20.12.2019 09:04 wobbly wrote:
Made it in time. Nice.

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