The Angband Ladder: Faliorna II, High-Elf Ranger by warppooted

Posted on 4.11.2019 10:07
Last updated on 5.11.2019 17:24

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On 4.11.2019 10:07 warppooted wrote:
And Faliorna lives on in the incarnation of a High-Elf Ranger. One thing I can't figure out is - as a ranger, am I limited to the spells in the first nature book? I can't seem to learn any spells in the second town book.

On 4.11.2019 12:56 Nick wrote:
You will also get a dungeon book. To check any book, look at it's description ('I', or 'l' to look in a shop), and if it doesn't say you can read it, it's not for you.

On 4.11.2019 12:58 warppooted wrote:
Cheers for the advice Nick!

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