The Angband Ladder: Aden, Dwarf Priest by wobbly

Posted on 19.9.2019 18:35
Last updated on 25.9.2019 18:58

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5. on the Competition No.223 Ladder (of 20)


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On 19.9.2019 18:37 wobbly wrote:
There was a patriarch on dlvl 20. I would of liked to know what the helm beneath him was but it wasn't yet time to die

On 21.9.2019 19:06 wobbly wrote:
Hmm regen or +2 spd. I'm pretty tempted to stick with dagmor though the extra carrying capacity with til-i-arc is nice

On 22.9.2019 19:22 wobbly wrote:
Gear swap. Lost a _speed to Mim (which I immediately got back in the BM). Lost a TO wand to a colbran, that unfortunately wasn't replaced

On 23.9.2019 09:49 wobbly wrote:
Dor-Lomin puts me in a far better position. I'm a little behind the top turncount but not far, we'll see

On 24.9.2019 08:29 wobbly wrote:
Time to carry !rfire again I think, just getting tired of cat & mouse with the phoenix. Also Smaug & Itangast keep turning up. I've also been avoiding AMHDs out of habit even though I have rpoison now, I may as well start killing them.

On 24.9.2019 20:06 wobbly wrote:
Achieved not much except a near death (teleporting into time hounds) & some losses of resources. Above dlvl 70 it gets too hound heavy for me at this speed

On 25.9.2019 08:27 wobbly wrote:
Nothing too interesting except a few stat-ups & levels. I've been going backwards in depth as I'm out of TOs & speed charges. Hopefully now I have clairvoyance I'll be able to find ?recharge. I saw 1 but it was in a golem pit

On 25.9.2019 19:01 wobbly wrote:
I'm going to laugh when bron wins again

On 25.9.2019 21:32 bron wrote:
Ouch! Bad luck there. You were well ahead of my char at a comparable turn count. I admit I'll laugh too, IF it happens, but there's still *plenty* of opportunities for me to die or be passed by ...

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