The Angband Ladder: Annibin, Half-Orc Warrior by wobbly

Posted on 8.9.2019 21:55
Last updated on 12.9.2019 20:46

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2. on the Competition No.222 Ladder (of 11)


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On 9.9.2019 10:53 wobbly wrote:
Damn Sphara's turncount. I've had a crazy good start. Everything good including that mouse ring & now I have to choose between solidly getting a good turncount & really going for it & risking an excellent start.

On 10.9.2019 21:06 wobbly wrote:

On 11.9.2019 23:37 wobbly wrote:
Hit a bit of a wall at dlvl 70 & had to slow down & repeat some levels. I've found the speed boots since then but still not comfortable at this depth yet

On 12.9.2019 20:47 wobbly wrote:
Apparently weapon-mastery was my only source of FA. sucky way to die. Still had fun & enjoyed most of the new critters

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