The Angband Ladder: Monsantovich, Igor Paladin by werecobalt

Posted on 28.8.2019 06:32
Last updated on 12.9.2019 04:15

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8130. on the Ladder (of 18813)
578. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
5. for this player (out of 9)


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On 28.8.2019 06:32 werecobalt wrote:
Very interesting race. Haven't gone through any surgery so far!

On 28.8.2019 11:57 werecobalt wrote:
Confused locked by quiver slots!

On 2.9.2019 05:48 werecobalt wrote:
another try at igor life paladin

On 3.9.2019 16:20 werecobalt wrote:

Durahan and his 8 dreads.

On 3.9.2019 16:22 werecobalt wrote:

On 5.9.2019 08:41 werecobalt wrote:
get to CL35 trade Sh for Nx

On 7.9.2019 12:44 murphy wrote:
thats a great name!

On 12.9.2019 04:15 werecobalt wrote:
40CL and 207 vs evil

On 12.9.2019 04:46 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
You walk with a limp (-10% walking speed).

^ How did that happen?

On 12.9.2019 04:47 murphy wrote:
when you upload a screenshot there's a link on the screenshot page that will let you select a related chardump, then they will both link to each other

On 12.9.2019 05:26 werecobalt wrote:

It is Igor's innate limp.


Thanks! I'll look for that option the next time.

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