The Angband Ladder: Corpse Party, Igor Chaos-Warrior by clouded

Posted on 28.8.2019 01:51
Last updated on 30.8.2019 17:30

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2830. on the Ladder (of 18813)
267. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
66. for this player (out of 264)


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On 28.8.2019 01:57 clouded wrote:
Igor has been fun, you can get some really nice breath attacks with a head+stomach from the same monster.

Dragonlance is an awesome mid game find, helped boost me to being able to tackle wyrms fairly easily. Tzeentch kind of screwed me at level 40, nuking my life rating to 90 and con to 18/70. Forced me to new life and lose the muts I had, though non were particularly great. Just found narya, numenor and a tsuchinoko within 10 spaces of each other on a random Olympus:80 level.

On 29.8.2019 01:55 clouded wrote:
Got a couple of rare finds, spectral mail and a staff of restore mana. It took me forever to find a single staff of healing, two restoration rods, two rings of power, clairvoyance rod etc before I found one.

On 29.8.2019 02:12 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
I didn't know the Spectral Dragon Scale Mail existed

On 30.8.2019 17:33 clouded wrote:
Could have spent longer clearing uniques and stuff but didn't really feel like it so I went to win. J wasn't too bad, I was able to keep it stunned most of the time with my impact breath that I had been usually almost the entire game.

Only as I was going to fight Oberon did I get the eyes of Combat Echizen, until then my eyes, ears and hands were still Igor ones.

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