The Angband Ladder: Jumpy, Werewolf Disciple by Sideways

Posted on 8.8.2019 15:49

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On 8.8.2019 15:49 Sideways wrote:
This character was all over the place, used magic early, melee for much of the late game and late mid-game, killed Oberon in melee and then went pure magic against the Serpent (also used offensive devices a fair bit, including in the J fight). Switched from wolf primary to human primary around cl 45. For a fair while my two rings were a combat ring and an EsDm wizardry ring, not the most usual combo but Yeqrezh disciples are versatile :)

Had a couple close calls, the worst was during the Chameleon Lord fight when I had a very awkward telefail and fully expected to see the tombstone, was lucky to escape that one. I successfully channelled all the bad luck on this character into less consequential things, like the Recall spell failing way beyond its nominal rate, or a very unlikely series of fails against Y'golonac that allowed him to live a few extra minutes.

Also got some very lucky items as gifts from Yeqrezh fairly early - the +2 Sp ElNt boots at I think cl 25, and Thranduil at cl 27. Then promptly had Thranduil pval-disenchanted by the very first disenchantment attack in the game... but in the end it didn't make a critical difference :)

The J and Oberon fights were both fairly comfy, though J did have some awkward summons including Sauron.

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