The Angband Ladder: Celerome, Half-Elf Blackguard by wobbly

Posted on 27.6.2019 12:38
Last updated on 30.6.2019 15:35

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10792. on the Ladder (of 18808)
4320. on the Angband Ladder (of 6395)
95. for this player (out of 328)


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On 27.6.2019 16:32 wobbly wrote:
I don't like the early game on the blackguard (& don't think it's in quite the right place), though I can see how they'd start getting strong after stat gain.

On 29.6.2019 17:21 wobbly wrote:
Lost my best mouse ring to a cloud giant & decided to switch my ring setup.

On 29.6.2019 18:31 wobbly wrote:
Hmm well this changes things! though it's even more stealth loss & I used up all my speed potions. Not sure how to handle this, or whether to switch to Celegorm for now

On 29.6.2019 20:38 wobbly wrote:
Ok, seems hitting things works now, so we'll go with that plan. Just need more consumables

On 30.6.2019 15:36 wobbly wrote:
Double moved by the run bug, even though I know it's there I get too impatient to step move all the time

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