The Angband Ladder: EasyWayOut 29, Android Yellow-Mage by Sideways

Posted on 25.6.2019 19:13

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On 25.6.2019 19:13 Sideways wrote:
Test of thrall mode (@ is born on R'lyeh 90). Got a very lucky start, found dragon gloves on the first level that gave me a lot of levels, then managed to kill Poor and he dropped sorcery book 3, then found a speed ring (+4) and a scroll of crafting which I read on the dragon gloves for another couple levels before escaping R'lyeh.

The other respect in which this was a very lucky run was that I found a really high number of dungeon shops/towns, not sure if that was somehow a result of the way I played or if I just got lucky. Wore the shop-bought Mirror Shield of Numenor for a long time, only switched the final one in for the J fight.

?acquirement seemed determined to make this a device-based run, out of my first 8 acquirements I scored _genocide (resistance), -invokelogrus (capacity), -rocket (power), -disintegrate (capacity) and absolutely nothing in the way of equipment. Who am I to argue with RNG as to how I should play?

I did use melee a lot in addition to the offensive devices; got Vilya quite early (CL 41 active/42 max) by successfully sneaking into a vault on R'lyeh 95, and that boosted Sting's damage nicely (though so did the combat ring I had before). Took me a very long time to find a weapon better than Sting, one of this run's highlights was killing Oremorj with Sting.

(This run's idiot moment was when I identified Quickthorn and then recall kicked in before I could pick up it. But that was very late in the game.)

There were a few precarious moments, the most dangerous one was when I was fighting a Gelugon and it summoned Ahtu and a Keeper of Secrets without me noticing. Luckily the Keeper breathed first and confused Ahtu :)

Swapped the baseball bat in for the J fight so I could get my failrates on the big devices down. J went pretty smoothly, he did summon quite a few nasty uniques but I was usually able to destruct them fairly quickly.

On 26.6.2019 01:09 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Is the FCPB thrall mode already implemented into the FCPB on

On 26.6.2019 01:39 Sideways wrote:

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