The Angband Ladder: Rutschkana, Balrog Chaos-Warrior by Thraalbee

Posted on 22.4.2019 19:03
Last updated on 26.4.2019 17:25

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5592. on the Ladder (of 18813)
431. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
48. for this player (out of 131)


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On 22.4.2019 19:03 Thraalbee wrote:
nice run so far.

On 23.4.2019 21:25 Thraalbee wrote:
Opposition is getting serious now.

On 24.4.2019 03:34 MITZE wrote:
"You were a filthy rag before."

I was, uh, under the impression that one could not be permanently polymorphed into or away from a monster race.

On 24.4.2019 07:03 Thraalbee wrote:
Yeah, that is *very* odd. But I never had to play as rag so didnt even notice. I guess I was immediately polymorphed again to an acceptable result

On 24.4.2019 11:35 Sideways wrote:
It's a bug, I'll fix it, thanks for reporting. I don't think this guy was ever a rag, even briefly, it's the listing that's wrong and I'm pretty sure I know why.

On 24.4.2019 23:07 Thraalbee wrote:
=wizardry with A:globe of invulnerability. How was it, do you lose a round or two when it is dispelled/ends? Is it good vs non-dispelling monsters or not at all?

On 25.4.2019 08:11 Thraalbee wrote:
BUG: As a (polymorphed into) Balrog, I did not expect to see this "The barkeep gives you some gruel and a beer. You are full!" but it is more convenient than the alternative.

On 25.4.2019 13:19 Thraalbee wrote:
Very nice Dragon Wings, also happy to find Cambeleg. Stone of Chaos seems good, but I can't see it's actual effect. Need to investigate that. Also, I probably have to switch back to my old shoes or shuffle to get resist for confusion and light. Dark is covered with the Phial

On 25.4.2019 20:50 Sideways wrote:
Someone reported there was a pos fork where the barkeep would give balrogs some patrons to eat; but I'm not sure which one that was.

On 26.4.2019 05:14 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Stone of Chaos activates to Polymorph Self

On 26.4.2019 17:25 Thraalbee wrote:
Surprisingly bad results in the Old Castle. Horrible stealth made it so much worse than the few times before I've done it. Was getting low on healing and did a stupid stunt vs the Raal Tomes. One more to go and I was low on HP when attacking it. Well welll... it was a great run so I guess I'll do another chaos warrior soon

On 26.4.2019 18:14 wobbly wrote:

screenshot looks like a bad case of wall monsters :(

On 26.4.2019 18:27 Bostock wrote:

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