The Angband Ladder: Nielos, Hobbit Ranger by Thraalbee

Posted on 10.4.2019 19:35
Last updated on 12.4.2019 22:14

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3127. on the Angband Ladder (of 6394)
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On 10.4.2019 19:35 Thraalbee wrote:
Nice ranger run. Ironman slowing me down though, with unlimited bolts and ?phase door this would have been way quicker. Recent loot took me from useless melee to badass lightning brand and again I've got some bolts so things are looking good.

On 12.4.2019 22:14 Thraalbee wrote:
Oh no, not again. Stupider death than ever... sigh

On 12.4.2019 22:19 Thraalbee wrote:
I had the Dracolich behind me sleeping. Stealth is so amazingly high so I felt certain it would not while I fought the Phoenix. A mistake in itself even if the risk was low. But the key thing is I put myself exactly between the guys and when the Phoenix breath woke the Dracolich up I didn't even notice. I was due for a break a long time ago... that's what happens

But at this point not much of the difficulties were left so it is ok. almost

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