The Angband Ladder: Nedandon, High-Elf Priest by wizard44

Posted on 17.3.2019 10:09
Last updated on 24.3.2019 05:34

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11055. on the Ladder (of 18813)
4388. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
4. for this player (out of 4)


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On 17.3.2019 10:09 wizard44 wrote:
Complete N00g's Journey, Character #2.

On 18.3.2019 11:26 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-2

On 19.3.2019 07:05 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-3.

On 19.3.2019 09:17 PowerWyrm wrote:
"Complete N00g's Journey"

You mean moog? It's always nice for a high elf to learn some music to play. But maybe you should have started with Sil instead of Angband... :D

Hint: try to quaff as many potions of Comtemplation as you can, having 13 base WIS is catastrophic with a Priest since you never will be able to get any good melee at start, and those 16 STR 14 DEX are a big waste so you can trade them for WIS with +1/-1 potions

On 19.3.2019 10:48 wizard44 wrote:
Lol, it should say N00b. I mistyped there. If there are any potions of contemplation, then I will definitely quaff them.

On 20.3.2019 02:00 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-4.

On 20.3.2019 11:55 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-5.

On 22.3.2019 13:12 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-6.

On 23.3.2019 05:37 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-7.

On 23.3.2019 22:30 wizard44 wrote:
Updated to Part 2-8.

On 24.3.2019 05:34 wizard44 wrote:

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