The Angband Ladder: FitBoy1, Kobold Warrior by Egavactip

Posted on 17.2.2019 06:15

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On 17.2.2019 06:15 Egavactip wrote:
This was a very weird run. I got a truly great bow at DL15 which lasted me the entire game. I also got a robe of permanence pretty early. With those two I thought this run might be smooth sailing. However, frustration piled upon frustration. A lack of free action options and a lack of good weapons caused me to use a weapon of Westernesse all the way to CL49. The inability to deal melee damage made me weak against a lot of creatures; I often found myself playing a de facto ranger, taking out uniques with my bow while staying far away from them.

I also couldn't get resistances. Until the very late end game, I only had the 4 basic, rPoison , rDisenchantment and rNexus. For a while I had rShard but had to give it up. Finally, in the late end game I found some power dragon armor, which solved all my resistances except rNether.

Later still in the endgame I finally got a weapon that, with a number of equipment shifts, gave me some barely viable last-battles damage capability. I went back down to dl98 one final time, hoping for a mace of disruption or other great weapon.

Didn't find any. Instead, however, I found The One Ring, as if the game was apologizing to me for screwing me over on artifacts and equipment the whole game.

That allowed me to have some decent last battles damage, finally. Naturally, Sauron dropped two weapons I would have killed to have earlier in the game.

I think this is still the smallest number of artifact gear items I ended a game with my character being equipped with. Of course, The One Ring makes up for a lot of that.

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