The Angband Ladder: Jelly Bean, Jelly Monster by ShadowTechnology

Posted on 15.2.2019 06:38

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On 15.2.2019 06:38 ShadowTechnology wrote:
Jelly monster was a refreshing change in the way you build a kit. You have a pseudopod "arm" for wielding a weapon (only) and all other equipment slots can wield any item. Weapons in these slots can't attack but can be used as "stat sticks", resistances, etc. The catch is that you only have a small number of equipment slots - only 8 in the final form (Shoggoth) and fewer in less evolved forms. At one point I was wearing 4 body armors at one time and had an AC of 267 and most resistances well covered. I was a tank. But I was missing some basic abilities like telepathy, reflection, levitation, and even SI. Also, speed, stats, and weapon damage weren't all that great. I ended up going in the opposite direction for the end game. I had several sources of *Fi and *Co (*Ac comes with the form), and 4 sources of weapon mastery! Those items plus telepathy and a weapon filled all slots and left a terrible AC and gaps in resistances. The challenge was to find an optimal middle ground. I also carried and amulet with anti-summoning to the big fight, but hardly used it. The obvious swap left me without rChaos and in a state of hallucination while trying to fight the Serpent. I wouldn't want to lose track of the S in the crowded melee and waste turns swinging at the wrong critter. I got three of my four mutations during the final fight due to lack of rChaos (but they were good mutations).
Jellies are not good with magic devices, with very high failure rates. More INT and magic device skill may have helped. Failure rates on _Healing and _Destruction were too high to use in the heat of battle.
I tried archery early on. It worked fine, but there is no way a wanted to waste a precious equipment slot on a missile launcher and another on a quiver, or spare the quiver and use multiple inventory slots for missiles. This guy was almost 100% melee.
One undocumented benefit of the final form (and maybe some earlier ones) is immunity to stunning and immunity to cuts. Quaff potion of self knowledge to see it.
The final battle was touch and go at several points. I was running low on healing and destruction before it was over. Early on S summoned The Destroyer and Gothmog Lord of Balrogs. The three remained together for most of the battle, chasing me back and forth across the level. All three chew through rock and move very fast.
The ability to "divide" (summon others of your kind, one at a time) is a useful way to generate cannon fodder in a large battle. Also good for eliminating endless hoards of explosive breeders (greater wall monsters come to mind).

On 16.2.2019 03:34 Sideways wrote:
Congrats! I like the use of a celestial protection armour, those never seem to get much love.

On 16.2.2019 05:00 ShadowTechnology wrote:
A question: The character sheet says my device skill is "Superb", but my failure rates say otherwise. Why is that?

On 16.2.2019 05:09 Sideways wrote:
Probably just a sign that I should revisit the skill description scale :)

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