The Angband Ladder: TinyBowBoy3, Dwarf Ranger by Egavactip

Posted on 2.2.2019 06:16

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On 2.2.2019 06:16 Egavactip wrote:
Kind of a frustrating run. I decided to do a ranger because I had a hankering for tons of big bad bow damage but that didn't happen. It was not until CL48 that I even found a Bow of Lothlorien and I never did find an artifact bow. As a result, because I had some decent melee weapons, I was basically a fighter with spells, not a ranger. I had a lot of individually good items but they didn't mesh together well, so I always had stat or resistance or protection from stat/experience drain problems. I could basically get 2/3 but not 3/3. It also took me forever to get +20 speed. I went into the final two battles with resistances and stats but not protection from stat/experience drain. Luckily that was not too much of a problem. My runes of protection lasted forever, so I was getting tons of blows against Morgoth. Meanwhile, his summoning was not bad at all--few uniques and a lot of creatures I could ignore.

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