The Angband Ladder: Johnny, Zombie Weaponmaster by wobbly

Posted on 23.1.2019 16:33
Last updated on 24.1.2019 02:35

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14400. on the Ladder (of 18807)
938. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
184. for this player (out of 328)


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On 23.1.2019 16:33 wobbly wrote:
redrum redrum

On 24.1.2019 01:51 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Nice The Shining reference

On 24.1.2019 02:37 wobbly wrote:
Caught by tele-fail. I suspect these are super strong once you get +device. There's enough in-built on a zombie to sacrifice a slot

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