The Angband Ladder: Kalista, High-Elf Ranger by <>

Posted on 17.11.2003 17:19
Last updated on 22.1.2004 14:20

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On 25.11.2003 16:40 wrote:
Undead pits are so bad!

On 25.11.2003 21:56 Mars wrote:
Yeah! I totally second that!! (the only thing worse is curiously sticking around to see if you are tough enough yet to take them on >_< )

On 28.11.2003 09:10 wrote:
I just missed the Arkenstone of Thraine...

On 5.12.2003 10:25 wrote:
Shall I wear the Jewel Evenstar or the Elfstone Elessar? I'm looking for the Arkenstone of Thrain.

On 5.12.2003 15:53 wrote:
No question ... I would wear Elessar. The additional wisdom will help with saving throws. The added strength might allow you to swap out Zarcuthra and Barahir for a different weapon and another =ospeed if the opportunity comes up.


On 12.12.2003 14:56 wrote:
Now I have the Arkenstone of Thrain, but I'm not sure it's so handy. I need a rod of Enlightment.

On 19.12.2003 15:14 wrote:
Rooms full of dragons are real cool.

On 30.12.2003 18:12 wrote:
It's so cool to clone Great Wyrm of Hell when you're imune to fire.

On 4.1.2004 19:19 wrote:
Telepathy or not telepathy?

On 7.1.2004 01:16 wrote:
I just cleaned a room full of multi-hued dragons + 3 Great Wyrms of Many Colours + Ancalagon the Black. Took me three hours!

On 7.1.2004 01:19 wrote:

On 16.1.2004 17:22 wrote:
Finaly I got my immunity againts cold, even if I'm less fast.

On 20.1.2004 00:05 wrote:
I just killed Sauron!

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