The Angband Ladder: Ragnar, Filthy Rag Monster by Sideways

Posted on 12.11.2018 22:29

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747. on the FrogComposband Ladder (of 1139)
171. for this player (out of 182)


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On 12.11.2018 22:29 Sideways wrote:
My first, *very* experimental attempt at a filthy rag. I think I got a pretty good start but lack of _teleport killed me, should have done doom quest 1.

On 13.11.2018 06:56 Arjen wrote:
A Filthy Rag? *.*

On 13.11.2018 14:40 MITZE wrote:
I didn't pick up at first how they dealt damage, but I eventually figured it out. Das cute.

How do you intend on these guys working? I don't suppose that they'll evolve as they level like Death--Swords/and that they'll get access to more slots as they do? (Come to think of it, is there anything resembling an evolutionary line for animated armor? Like, I know one doesn't actually exist, but are there monsters that could form one? I can think of cloakers and animated armours at least . . .)

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