The Angband Ladder: Sorcey II, Gnome Sorceror by <>

Posted on 9.11.2003 15:31
Last updated on 9.11.2003 20:29

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On 9.11.2003 15:31 wrote:
The loss of the first Sorcey made revenge necessary. This one has more than made up for it. Check out the goodies my archer never seemed to find (I was looking for the Sling of the Thain since it was put into ToME!) I wonder why Hobbiton hasn't been reduced to ash and the Mathom House emptied by now. Getting close to the nameless level (I believe that is the correct name). 98 quests has made for some interesting battles. Since the last Sorceror did not get as much use out of necromancy and undead form, I decided to go for Symbiosis instead, and it is working much better. I wonder if it is possible to charm Old Man Willow. I have tried it in the past with skill level ~40 to no avail.

On 9.11.2003 20:29 wrote:
Yahoo! Finally won with a sorceror. The last one was such a disappointment, but this more than makes up for it. Began as a Morgoth worshipper for the Udun school, and then trickily destroyed the one ring and headed over to Tulkas (not that it really mattered at that point. I just wanted to see the piety jump back up). The mage staff of wizardry, courtesy of the necromancer of Dol Guldor, was quite helpful. The boots came late in the game, before that I had a nice pair of boots of speed (+6) from a dungeon shop. Morgoth was not too bad. I simply used the Master Q to jump to a corner (along with probability travel to get within the rock at the corner). Morgoth came at me and I was standing on a single rune surrounded by rock. The ice storm spell managed to stun him briefly now and again. He summoned wraiths and such, but the ceiling kept falling on them. Ancient dragons fared no better. He fell to repeated fire flash. Actually, he died from my fire aura spell when he went to hit me at the end. I used the drain spell to drain all three rods, and used one potion of regain mana. Healing came via the spell. All in all, it all worked out quite well. I forgot to search for the ultimate quest, but it is probably just as well. I made a savefile before I destroyed the ring due to a bug I ran into in a previous verison. Perhaps I will pick that game up for a laugh or two.

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