The Angband Ladder: Elodron, Dwarf Priest by Swishtail

Posted on 18.8.2018 18:21
Last updated on 8.9.2018 07:12

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1422. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
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On 18.8.2018 18:27 Swishtail wrote:
I haven't found a decent damage dealing weapon yet, but telepathy on my morningstar is a nice treat. So, at this point, I'm mainly using the Orb of Draining.

Something that would give me decent stat protection instead of the my rings would be appreciated, as would a rod of teleport other.

Oh, and most importantly, I need to find the non-vanilla Priest books!

On 25.8.2018 17:54 Swishtail wrote:
My kingdom for a Rod of Teleport Other.... Or the appropriate spell book.

On 26.8.2018 06:19 Swishtail wrote:
Things are looking better now with two new books, Boots of Feanor, and finally a rod of teleport other. Now something with rNether would be nice.

On 3.9.2018 06:31 Swishtail wrote:
My bow and my main weapon aren't the best, but I seem pretty hearty. I think its time to head downward to better loot.

On 7.9.2018 02:11 Swishtail wrote:
Almost there... Going to scum Level 98 for a while.... This will be my first potential win in nearly 20 years of playing, so turn count is not a factor I'm considering. Wish me luck!

On 7.9.2018 14:54 Swishtail wrote:
Messing about looking for something to upgrade my rPoison ring while still keeping all the resistances filled. Also doing selective unique stalking.

I’ll do level 98 maybe five more times, then attempt Sauron. Again, this is the first time I’ve made it this far, so going very slow.

On 7.9.2018 14:57 Swishtail wrote:
I do see the value of playing with forced descent though... this way of playing does seem kind of gamey.

On 8.9.2018 07:15 Swishtail wrote:
At long last, I finally won.

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