The Angband Ladder: Dorog, Half-Troll Paladin by bron

Posted on 30.6.2018 00:43

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On 30.6.2018 00:43 bron wrote:
This of course is nowhere near the top for this competition, but it is by far the fastest time I personally have ever posted: I didn't quite manage to get under 250K game turns, but I did get under 50K standard turns, which is about 25% faster than my previous best time.

As usual, finding a good weapon early on is key. In my case it was Bard, rather than a melee weapon, but it definitely did the job. The character had very powerful aspects, but was hampered by some annoying holes in its defense, and low Wisdom. Finding Deathwreaker was great, but it wasn't until I found Viliya right near the end that everything finally clicked, and Dorog was able to wholesale mow down the opposition with confidence.

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